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Astroglaze glass rooflights are designed to provide high levels of natural daylight with excellent aesthetics, high insulation values and simple on-site installation. All units feature sealed double glazed units contained within a thermally enhanced aluminium frame which is available in either a white or slate grey finish as standard.

They are designed to sit over builders timber kerbs and can be made to order to custom sizes in either single piece units or large multi-section units.

The standard glazing is supplied clear with a 90mm wide sandblasted 'band' around the perimeter of the unit which covers up the top of the kerb and any roof material creating a smart appearance when viewed from either below or above. Other glazing options are available, including solar control glass, tinted glass and fully sandblasted glass.


Astroglaze flat fixed glass rooflights look good in any setting. They provide high daylight levels and sealed double-glazing, housed in an aluminium frame, which adds to the superior thermal performance.


For those jobs that require a large expanse of glass, and still need to look good, Astroglaze is also available as a multi-part system. The rooflight is supplied in smaller sections for easy construction on site.


The Astroglaze Walk-On glass rooflight is the perfect solution for roof terraces, or similar roofing areas where there are likely to be pedestrians. The rooflight has been specifically designed for strength while still providing high levels of natural daylight.


Astroglaze Access Hatch rooflights are available in square and rectangular sizes and are designed with security in mind. They come with a lockable handle similar to those on double-glazed windows) which can only be secured from the inside.


The Astroglaze Manual Hinged rooflight provides the perfect way to control ventilation in a space and is particularly well-suited for areas with high humidity levels. The unit is operated with a manual spindle and comes with a portable winding rod.


The Astroglaze Electric Hinged rooflight provides the perfect way to control ventilation in a space with high ceilings where a manual system might not be practical. The unit is supplied with a mains powered chain link actuator which controls the rooflight.


Astroglaze Pyramids provide stylish, yet practical, rooflight solutions for a variety of spaces. These units will brighten up any educational, commercial or retail, property with natural light. All Pyramids are purpose made to suit variable overall kerb sizes.


Astroglaze Ridgelights are a great way to bring daylight to indoor spaces. They are available with spans from 0.6m to 7.0m and in unlimited lengths.



Northlight rooflights come in a range suitable for vertical to 60° sloping faces and with glazing or cladding tailored to suit. We also supply polycarbonate and glass Monopitch glazing to suit different roof applications.


Astroglaze Barrel Vault rooflights come in a choice of low-rise and high-rise profiles and are perfect for all types of commercial, residential and industrial building. This highly adaptable unit can be installed on a range of roofing constructions.


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