Automatic Opening Vents - AOV

Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)

Automatic Opening Skylight / Rooflight

Stardome Rooflights and Skylights AOV Automatic Opening Vents

Usually located at the top of a ventilation shaft or at the head of a stairwell where up to 1.5 m2 of free vent area is required for smoke extraction, the Stardome Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) presents total specification flexibility.

- All units made to measure.
- Glazed or solid top.
- Concealed mechanism giving clear uninterrupted opening.
- Easy installation.
- Opens to 140°.
- Supplied with or without a control panel offering a battery backup.


Stardome Automatic Opening Vent Rooflight (AOV)

The lid or top of the automatic vent can be supplied in three forms; Solid metal panel, insulated and polyester powder coated - generally at the head of a smoke shaft when only ventilation is required in case of a fire (no need for light), glazed in polycarbonate in either single, double or triple skin polycarbonate which can be made in the full range of sizes, or with a double glazed flat glass top (only available with 90° opening units).

Automatic Opening Vent / AOV: Kerb Detail & Opening Mechanism

Stardome Automatic Opening Vents can be supplied with their own kerb for fixing directly to the roof deck and then weathered in the traditional manner with the roofing membrane being dressed up the
outside of an insulated kerb. Alternatively if a kerb is being constructed as part of the roofing system we are able to supply a kerb adaptor to suit your kerb dimensions.

Both kerb and kerb adaptor units are manufactured from PVC or thermally broken insulated aluminium which is supplied polyester powder coated white. (Other colours available upon request.)

This type of automatic opening vent rooflight is usually specified by the Mechanical and Electrical Consultant as part of an overall smoke extraction/fire ventilation/alarm system, and as an integral part, is linked into a control panel.

Thermadome Automatic Opening Vents / AOVs

Therma-vent Opening Vents (OVs) / Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs)

Therma-Vent Smoke Vents / Automatic Opening Vents (AOV's)
Therma-Vent smoke vents/AOV's are designed to reduce smoke build-up, thus providing a safer escape route for occupants and access for fire-fighting personnel. The system can also be utilised to provide natural ventilation.

Therma-vent Smoke vent Rooflight

A typical smoke ventilation system includes Therma-Vent smoke ventilator (AOVs) located at the highest point of an escape route staircase or at the top of a smoke shaft. Smoke detectors and manual control points are normally located on each floor. The system can be controlled by a Therma-Vent control panel.

In the event of a fire the smoke detectors on the relevant floor instruct the control panel to operate the Therma-Vent AOV creating an upward air flow, venting smoke and toxic gases. The system can be designed to automatically open on receipt of a fire signal, or be controlled by the Therma-Vent control panel on instruction of the fire services. Alternatively, the Therma-Vent AOVs can be linked to the Building Management System (BMS) for complete monitoring.

Building Regulations
The design of natural smoke ventilation systems for buildings is governed by Building Regulation Approved Document B. For residential buildings the basic requirements of Approved Document B state that a smoke ventilation system must be provided if the travel distance between an apartment door and the nearest escape stair is greater than 7.5 metres.

National Domelight Company Therma-Vents can satisfy Building Regulations, including Approved Document B and European Standards EN 12101-2 as part of a designed smoke ventilation system. The responsibility for determining that any building component complies with the relevant regulation rests solely with the customer or specifier.

Therma-vent control system
Therma-vent Control Panels supplied as part of a smoke ventilation system can operate up to four AOV rooflights. Accessories include the Therma-vent Optical Smoke Detector with mounting socket and red LED status indication, the Therma-vent Break Glass and Therma-vent Fireman's Key Switch.

The Therma-vent Control Panel is supplied ready to install with batteries fitted and all internal wiring complete and tested. This enables quick installation times with virtually no scope for wiring errors. It is supplied complete with open, close and reset buttons and LED status indicators behind a break glass panel. The LEDs provide instant status indication, showing any system or wiring faults, system activation and vent position. When used with an AOV the priority control will respond to signals from smoke detectors and manual control points and Fireman’s Switch in order of importance. For natural ventilation the control panel is supplied with a key to remove the break glass to enable operation of the open / close / reset buttons to operate the AOV.
The Therma-vent Control Panel can be installed to operate as a simple centralised ‘stand alone’ system or a larger decentralised or ‘networked’ system with additional Therma-vent Control Panels.

A ‘stand alone’ Therma-vent Control Panel may be installed to operate on the instruction of the fire service. Alternatively it may be installed to operate on receipt of a fire signal from either a smoke detector or manual control point mounted within the fire zone.
This drawing shows a centralised 'stand alone' Therma-vent Smoke Ventilation system installed in an escape route staircase. Manual control points activate the OV.

Stand Alone Smoke Vent System
A networked Therma-vent system involves control panels distributed around the building, each controlling a zone with up to four AOVs. This enables cabling distances to be reduced.
Networking requires the installation of a Therma-vent Control Panel within each fire zone. These can be linked to the central control zone utilising Fireman’s Switch control points.
Individual zones activated by smoke detectors or manual control points can be overridden by the centrally mounted Fireman’s Switches.
Alternatively the Therma-vent Control Panel can be installed as part of a larger system receiving signals from a BMS via its ‘no voltage’ monitoring capacity.
Networked Therma-vent Smoke Ventilation system installed in living accommodation, escape route staircase and smoke shaft. Smoke detectors and manual control points activate the AOV. Fireman's switches enable central control.

Networked Smoke Vent System
Therma-vent Accessories:
• Therma-Vent Optical Smoke Detector
• Therma-Vent Break Glass
• Therma-Vent Fireman’s Key Switch

When specified, the Therma-Vent control panel is supplied ready to install with batteries fitted and all internal wiring complete and tested. It can be installed to operate as a simple centralised ‘standalone’ system, or a larger de-centralised or ‘networked’ system with additional Therma-Vent control panels.

Therma-vent Smoke Vent Accessories

If you would like assistance at any time about any of the rooflights or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.

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