Contemporary garage conversion

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Contemporary garage conversion

28th April 2015

The project

A contemporary garage conversion adjacent to a circa1970 detached bungalow in Camberley, Surrey - comprising a stylish double bedroom and en suite.

The requirements

The Building Contractor, Nathan Hawkins, was assigned responsibility for sourcing and offering his client choices for specific building materials and fixtures and fittings – including natural light source options. Achieving a quality look and feel within a moderate budget was key. The budget dictated that the height of the ceilings could not be raised to ‘normal’ room height and most importantly the layout of the property meant that fitting windows in the conversion was not feasible therefore rooflights were the logical solution.

The solution

The builder selected NDC as the preferred supplier based on several factors including; great customer service, comprehensive product range, high quality standards and tried and tested reliability. Plus all the company’s units clearly adhered to the necessary and vitally important building regulations.

Glass skylights were specified because the roof of the garage conversion would be clearly visible and therefore it was important that the skylights were visually appealing. Using NDC’s brand matrix Nathan was able to identify the best type of unit specifically for this project. The client was offered a couple of alternatives and it was decided to fit ‘Starglaze’, which offers a cost effective solution with all the benefits of glass. Glass is a popular material for use in rooflights due to its clean lines and aesthetic looks. Flat glass rooflights are perfect for use in areas where a low profile rooflight solution is required.

The size of the units for each of the rooms was carefully considered to ensure they didn’t over power the room but allowed maximum light. A Starglaze double glazed glass rooflights 600 x 1200mm was fitted in the 2.5 x 4m bedroom and 475 x 700mm rooflight in the 1.5 x 2 en suite. Hit & miss Ventilation and MK2 vertical PVC upstands were specified and in the bedroom a manual hinged ventilation was included with a winding rod. The construction of the units means there is no cold bridging so the risk of condensation is reduced and good insulation is ensured.

The conclusion

High quality additional light and airy accommodation has been created within the existing footprint of the home. Low ceilings and no windows were a non-issue thanks to NDC’s Starglaze units flooding both of the new rooms with daylight. Consistent quality, fast delivery on request and competitive pricing all came as standard.

Building Contractor Nathan Hawkins says: “NDC offer a good range which meant I could offer the customer real choice with excellent options to fit the brief. Their customer service was exceptional. I received one to one advice on the specific needs of this job including comprehensive installation diagrams and lots of tips on best way and what to do.”

Actual product supplied:

1 x Starglaze double glazed glass rooflights with Hit & miss Ventilation and MK2 vertical PVC upstand to suit a roof opening size of 475 x 700mm

1 x Starglaze double glazed glass rooflights with Hit & miss Ventilation AND Manual Hinged ventilation with portable winding rod on a MK2 vertical PVC upstand to suit a roof opening size of 600 x 1200mm

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