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The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Coxdome Rooflights

COXDOME have been manufacturing rooflights since 1954, and in that time they have gained valuable experience in the manufacture and distribution of specialist flat roofing daylight and ventilation systems throughout the entire UK.

Everything they manufacture is quality tested to the very highest standards. With professional accreditations and ISO9001– 2008, all aspects of their manufacturing and operational process is stringently audited to ensure their processes maintain consistency and their production continually meets the requirements of their customers.

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polycarbonate rooflights dome COXDOME galaxy


Coxdome Rooflight Applications

Coxdome flat glass rooflights feature an innovative design with an uninterrupted glass surface that offers internal panoramic views. By making the most of the rooflight’s surface area, the maximum amount of light is able to enter a room without any interference. The slim aluminium frame and sleek appearance will also work well with a building’s exterior, providing clean, unobtrusive lines and a smooth profile.


Coxdome Galaxy Refurbishment Dome

The Coxdome Galaxy Range is a ‘dome-only’ solution and has been designed to be fitted to existing builder’s kerbs. The 100mm flanged polycarbonate unit ensures it fits to most kerbs without the need for adjustmen

The Coxdome Galaxy is ideal for refurbishment projects where only the glazing needs replacing. All Coxdome Galaxy domes are manufactured using 3mm polycarbonate and according to EN 13501-1 2007, 3mm polycarbonate achieves B-s1-d0 and therefore attains Class 1 Certification. TP(a) is realised with a solid polycarbonate sheet minimum 3mm thick.

Coxdome Square Manual Hinge and Access Hatch

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Coxdome Rooflights

The gas strut assisted opening provides smooth, easy, single-handed operation regardless of the size of rooflight. The Coxdome Access Hatch is supplied complete with an upstand which ensures ease of installation.

Coxdome are the only manufacturer who supply a manual vent and access unit which has a manual spindle for ventilation but also gas assisted struts so the unit can be used to occasional access. This duel purpose unit is truly unique.

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Coxdome Details

Coxdome flat glass rooflights feature an innovative design with an uninterrupted glass surface that offers internal panoramic views. The aluminium frame profile is slim and isolated internally for thermal performance.


The Coxdome AOV range is designed to assist with the dispersal of smoke and operate as part of a smoke clearance system. Opening to either 90° or 140° the system offers maximum ventilation.


The Coxdome Trade Range is therefore available with a choice of ventilation options. Hinged opening rooflights are available either manually or electrically operated. The manually operated option is supplied with a spindle gear and is operated from floor level using a winding pole. Maximum ventilation is approximately 300mm. The electrically powered alternative uses a chain link actuator and is operated from a 240V mains supply.

hinged rooflights domed electric operation 150mm upstand COXDOME (1)

The Coxdome Trade Range Circular Rooflight offers an attractive, modern, glazing solution which will add character and definition to any interior design space. The Coxdome Circular Rooflight range is available with a choice of two ventilation options. Hinged opening domes are available either manually or electrically operated and all ventilation frames are manufactured from extruded white PVC-u sections

Circular Internal 2


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