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Glass rooflights on a flat roof should be a fitted to a minimum pitch of 3° to aid runoff and to stop water pooling on the unit.  Although the minimum pitch is 3° you may wish to consider a pitch of around 5° to ensure adequate runoff on larger skylights. The pitch of the unit rooflight is something that will affect your warranty so it is important to get this detail right when installing a new glass rooflight.  The minimum and maximum pitch required for rooflights differs between brands so please check individual products for more information.

All rooflights will require an element of cleaning as normal windows would. As a product that is fitted to the exterior of a property rooflights are susceptible to dirt debris and pollution build up which may affect the clarity of your glass skylight.  We are able to supply glass rooflights with an ‘easy-clean coating’ which can make the cleaning process easier. We would recommend thorough cleaning at least bi-annually using water and non-abrasive cleaners.  Full product specific maintenance information is available for each skylight we supply.

We can supply a wide variety of glass specs depending on your specific requirements.  Generally we supply double glazed laminated glass however if you need a different specification please talk to our team who will be able to advise which rooflight would best suit your design.  The majority of skylights we supply come with clear glass but other options are available on request.

Unless specifically quoted as a Walk On Specification rooflight then no a rooflight cannot be walked on.  A walk on rooflight is made up of a very thick glass spec (also known as class 0)so it is suitable for foot traffic, when asking for a quote for a walk on rooflight it is important to clarify if is a domestic or commercial building as this will affect the glass specification.

Glass rooflights can either be Fragile or Non-Fragile depending on the specification of glass used.  The most robust Non-Fragile glass is Class 0 and the are used in Walk On Glass skylights fitted in areas which a designed to have foot-fall such as a terrace. Class 1 glass is manufactured to be stood on infrequently for areas where occasional access is required for maintenance, they are not however to be used for every-day foot traffic. Class 2 glass is the most commonly used non-fragile classification, these rooflights are designed to stop a person falling through if they were to trip and fall onto the rooflight.  All rooflights have to go through testing to prove they achieve these specific class ratings. Class 3 glass is considered fragile and should only be installed where there is no chance of someone falling through the glass.

Modern domed rooflights are manufactured from hardwearing polycarbonate and all have a UV protective coating to stop them discolouring in the sun.  Previously dome skylights were commonly made from acrylic which would turn brown after years exposure to sunlight often leaving the rooflight looking unsightly.  Polycarbonate domes are guaranteed against discolouration for 20 years however they are expected to exceed this so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your rooflight will look exceptional for years to come.  For the UV coating to be effective the dome or pyramid must not be scratched or harmed in any way which may damage the UV coating.

Dome rooflights are an inexpensive way to bring light into your home or commercial building.  Made from durable non-fragile polycarbonate which has an impact strength up to 250 times greater than glass.  Available as a top only to retrofit to an existing upstand or complete with a PVC kerb for fitting directly to the roof.  We have a vast array of stock sizes available with different ventilation options along with bespoke polycarbonate rooflights available on request.

U Values are how heat loss is measured through roofs.  A U Value is shown in units of W/m²K and the lower the number the better the thermal performance of the rooflight is.  As a general rule rooflight for new domestic applications need to have a U value no higher than 1.8W/m²K.

Polycarbonate rooflight domes are available in four different thicknesses.  Single skin domes are only suitable for using in areas such as a shed outhouse or garage and are useful for letting in light where thermal properties are not important.  Double skin domes can be used when retrofitting a dome to an existing kerb they are better thermally than single skin domes but may still experience condensation.  For new builds triple skin dome rooflights are used to comply with pat L of the current building regulations.  Quad skin dome rooflights offer the highest thermal efficiency and may be an option if heat-loss is a particular concern.

A roof lantern is fitted to a flat roof and made of a number of glass panes and glazing bars, they are generally fixed but can come with manually or electrically opening sections for ventilation.  Roof lanterns are a great option for letting in large amounts of light and having opening sections gives the added functionality of providing ventilation area below.

We can offer roof lanterns with frames made from either hard-wearing PVC or powder coated aluminium.  The aluminium lanterns tend to have more minimalistic framework however if budget is a consideration it may be worth looking at a PVC framed lantern.  Whatever material you choose a roof lantern creates a fabulous focal point in your room and lets in a large amount of natural light.

The cost of a lantern if affected by a number of factors including the size, frame colour and material and whether vents are required. It goes without saying that the larger the roof lantern the more it will cost, we do have a range of standard sizes which would help to keep the cost of the unit down and these are generally available on shorter lead times.

Sun tubes or sun tunnels are great for allowing natural light into a previously dim room, especially in places where windows or rooflights are not possible due to lack of space.

A sun tube is a flexible tunnel that allows more natural light into your room, especially useful when there are obstructions in the way of traditional windows or rooflights.  They direct natural light into your room through the tube, which is reflective.

Sun tubes produce less heat than a standard electric lightbulb and the energy savings achieved can far offset their installation costs.

AOV simply stands for Automatic Opening Vent.

AOV (automatic opening vent) windows are triggered to open by smoke detectors.  In the event of a fire they will open to a preset height and angle for the right ventilation of smoke and heat.

Yes, we can powder coat the Astroglaze rooflights almost any standard RAL colour.  Please contact us with your requirements and we can advise.

Yes, we have a range of fixed and electrically opening Astroglaze units available on shorter lead times.  Please contact us with your requirements and we can advise if there is a suitable stock option.

No, our Astroglaze range of glass rooflights  is designed to suit a builders timber kerb which needs to be constructed on site. Standard drawings are provided to help with the kerb construction.

Yes, Mardome rooflights are glazed with Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate which comes with a UV protective coating as standard ensuring your units stay clear for years to come. 

Mardome rooflights offer the lowest profile dome on the market for a modern streamlined effect.  The low rise dome allows for efficient water run off but gives an unobtrusive contemporary look which lends itself to any property type.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer made to measure rooflights from the Mardome range however the list of sizes available is extensive so we are sure you will be able to find a size that works for your application.

No, the Brett Martin Flat Glass rooflight is not self-cleaning as standard.  We are able to supply these rooflights with an easy clean coating at an additional cost however please bear in mind that this does affect the leadtime.

The Brett Martin Flat Glass rooflight comes in a standard Anthracite grey finish and this cannot be changed.  If you are interested in a Glass Link product the RAL colour can be changed, please contact us for more details.

The Brett Martin Flat Glass rooflights are designed to be fitted to a pitch of between 2° - 15°

All Coxdome Galaxy domes are supplied undrilled giving you the choice of where your fixings should be to suit your kerb. The 100mm flanged polycarbonate unit ensures it fits to most kerbs without the need for adjustment.

Coxdome do not offer a bespoke option, there is a range of stock sizes available with a fast turnaround.

Pyramids are available from the Trade range, they are not stock items so delivery may be a little longer than the standard dome units.

Yes, the Stardome range is fully customisable from the size to the colour.  Speak to our team about your bespoke requirements for more information.

Yes, our Stardome rooflights can be supplied with an extension piece to suit your insulation depth.  If you have a warm roof let us know the depth of your insulation when you talk to us so we can adjust the kerb height to suit your roof.

Yes, we can supply an adaptor kerb to suit your existing builders kerb.  To enable us to quote for this we will need to know the internal and external dimensions of your kerb.

Yes, the Starglaze range is fully customisable from the size to the colour. Speak to our team about your bespoke requirements for more information.

Yes, our Starglaze rooflights can be supplied with an extension piece to suit your insulation depth.  If you have a warm roof let us know the depth of your insulation when you talk to us so we can adjust the kerb height to suit your roof.

Yes, we can supply an adaptor kerb to suit your existing builders kerb.  To enable us to quote for this we will need to know the internal and external dimensions of your kerb.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer bespoke options from the Thermadome range but with a huge variety of over 140 sizes available you are sure to find something suitable.

We have both clear and white opal diffused available as standard and heat reflect is available on an extended lead time.

Thermadome rooflights are designed for flat roof applications with a pitch of no more than 20°.

If you are looking at the Optilux rooflight with a 300mm upstand then no, the motor will be visible.  If you require a fully concealed motor then please choose the 500mm high upstand.

Although condensation is something that can never truly be eliminated the Optilux units have enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – resulting in achieving maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation.  The thermally broken frame is free of thermal bridges and reducing the risk of condensation.

Optilux rooflights are suitable for flat roofs and roofs up to 25° pitch.

No, all Korniche lanterns are delivered in sections to be assembled on site. Delivery in this manner eliminates the need for lifting equipment that would be required if they were preformed due to size and weight. 

Yes to a point, the maximum length we can supply is 6000mm and the maximum width is 4000 mm, but within these parameters we can quote down to the mm meaning the Korniche lantern is a hugely customisable option. Please contact our team for a quote.

There is a 10 year manufacturer guarantee on the Korniche roof lanterns.

Yes, we can supply an attachment for you to hang a light from your Skylantern up to the weight of 10kgs.

The Skylantern range is supplied in kit form for assembly on site.  For bespoke units delivery of the glass and frame will be on different vehicles and may be on different days, stock units will be delivered together on the same vehicle.

Yes, we can supply a huge variety of sizes and options from the Skylantern range.  Please speak to us about your requirements and to get a quote.

Not as standard but if this is something you require please let us know.

The Thermalight Lanterns are unique as they are fully factory assembled.  They will be delivered to site on wooden feet and will require machinery to offload and move to the roof.

Yes, we can supply these unit in bespoke sizes with different glass specs and finished. Please talk to us about your requirements.

The Thermalight range is designed to fit to a builders timber kerb with a width of 75mm.  The critical dimension is the overall weathered kerb size.

We can’t supply bespoke Lunaglaze PVC rooflights as they are only available in standard sizes.  We can however supply the Lunaglaze Alu in bespoke sizes, please contact us for your quotation.

The Lunaglaze PVC rooflights are available in both white and grey finishes.

Wendland Roof Lanterns are delivered unglazed and will require assembly on-site, with the glass on a  separate delivery to the frame.

Wendland lanterns are designed to fit to a builders timber kerb which is a minimum of 70mm wide, the critical dimension is the external weathered kerb size.

The Wendland Lantern is built to a pitch of 20°

Yes we can supply a rooflight to almost any shape on plan you need.  We have supplied a range of bespoke shapes including triangular, octagonal and parallelograms.  To enable us to price these units we will need technical drawings to work from.

We have a wide range of square, rectangular and circular units.  If you can’t see what you are looking for just give us a call and we will be able to help.

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