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Glass Rooflights

Glass Rooflights

Our featured Skylantern glass rooflights are designed to provide an ultimate and unrivalled view from your home. The slim line design and aluminium frame gives the product a sleek appearance whilst maximising the use of light and space. The Skylantern flat roof like design is constructed from robust and light 40mm aluminium box rafters that create an elegant roof profile combined with fantastic thermal performance. Alternatively if you would like to browse our robust range of available rooflights you can find out the types, sizes and styles on our homepage.

See below our varied range of glass aluminium framed rooflights. 

Fixed Glass

Fixed glass products are available from our Astroglaze, Solarglaze, Starglaze and Thermalight rooflight ranges. The Starglaze systems are supplied complete with their own vertical or splayed PVC kerbs and the Solarglaze products are supplied complete with an insulated timber kerb providing an overall rooflight U Value of 1.24 W/m²K.

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Fixed Glass Rooflight

Manual Hinged Glass

Hinged Glass Manual

Manually openable hinged glass options are available from our Starglaze range, which come complete with a splayed or PVC upstand.  Manually hinged options are also available from our Astroglaze range.

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Hinged Glass Electric

Electrically openable hinged glass options are available from our Astroglaze, Solarglaze, Starglaze or Thermalight glass rooflight range. The opening mechanism in the Solarglaze rooflight is concealed within the glazing framework ensuring maximum light transfer into the building.

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Electric Hinged Glass

Solarglaze Walk-On Glass

Walk On Glass

We can supply rooflights with glass thick enough to walk on from our Astroglaze, Solarglaze or Thermalight rooflight range. The Walk On rooflight system has been designed specifically for roof terraces and areas requiring regular pedestrian access.

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Glass Pyramid

Pyramid shaped glass rooflights are available from our Astroglaze rooflight range in both fixed and hinged variants. If you are looking to install a glass rooflight as an architectural feature to your building, our pyramid option could be the answer.

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Glass Pyramid Rooflight

Bespoke Glass

Bespoke Requirements

We are able to manufacture rooflights to a huge number of sizes and requirements, as well as standard items from our Astroglaze and SkyLantern rooflight ranges. Simply contact us with your requirements and our experienced staff members will be happy to discuss your needs either by phone, e-mail or fax.

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If you would like assistance at any time about any of the glass options or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on
01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.