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The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Hinged Rooflights

Hinged rooflights allow you to not only enjoy more natural light flooding into your room, but a better flow of air too. Hinges allow your rooflight to be opened up for natural ventilation.

We offer different ways to open your rooflight, from manual poles and/or winding handles through to remote controlled, electronic and automatic opening vents.

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hinged rooflights domed polycarbonate mardome electric
hinged rooflights manual hinged thermadome polycarbonate


Why Choose Hinged Rooflights

There are some great benefits to adding a hinged rooflight to your room.

Natural ventilation option

Options for automation

Stylish looks with practical application

hinged rooflights electric astroglaze external
hinged rooflights electric concealed motor lunaglaze

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Bespoke Hinged Rooflights

National Domelight Company are one of the UK's leading suppliers of rooflights. Our range of hinged skylights can be customised to suit your project, and can be supplied in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Should you be looking for something at a different size or specification, why not speak to our team about a custom rooflight? We can create the ideal rooflight solution for your needs..

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Frequent Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If you need further information or wish to speak to a member of our team, please do get in touch!

  • Glass rooflights on a flat roof should be a fitted to a minimum pitch of 3° to aid runoff and to stop water pooling on the unit.  Although the minimum pitch is 3° you may wish to consider a pitch of around 5° to ensure adequate runoff on larger skylights. The pitch of the unit rooflight is something that will affect your warranty so it is important to get this detail right when installing a new glass rooflight.  The minimum and maximum pitch required for rooflights differs between brands so please check individual products for more information.

  • A roof lantern is fitted to a flat roof and made of a number of glass panes and glazing bars, they are generally fixed but can come with manually or electrically opening sections for ventilation.  Roof lanterns are a great option for letting in large amounts of light and having opening sections gives the added functionality of providing ventilation area below.

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