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Mardome Rooflights

The Mardome Trade range represents a new generation of rooflights. It features standard specification domes that are aesthetically pleasing and come with a range of desirable features, making them suitable for a variety of applications. For tradespeople, they are quick to order and easy to fit. And for end users, they look great and offer excellent thermal performance. There are various glazing and add-on options, meaning that if you want to personalise your rooflight and incorporate additional features, that isn’t a problem. You can simply place your order for the Mardome Trade rooflight you want, and it will be delivered to you anywhere in mainland UK free of charge.

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Mardome Skylight Applications

You can choose from two shapes within the Mardome Trade range:

Low rise dome glazing unit

Low rise pyramid glazing unit


Mardome Rooflight Benefits

These are some of the benefits you need to know about.

Highly thermally efficient. Triple skin Mardome Trade rooflights achieve a centre pane U-value of 1.8 W/m²K.

Ventilation. There is the option for manual or humidity-controlled trickle vents, or for a manual/electric opening rooflight.

Various styles and designs. Choose the look that is right for your project.

Standard sizes available on quick leadtimes direct to your door

polycarbonate rooflights mardome electric
polycarbonate rooflights domed mardome trade school

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Mardome Rooflights

The Mardome Trade range is available in various sizes and configurations, so rooflights have a variety of applications. Rooflights in this range are designed for flat roofs and low pitch roofs under 15°. They are easy to install, and their low-rise domes enhance aesthetics, so tradespeople and end users will be able to get the most out of them. You can choose from two shapes within the Mardome Trade range:

Low rise dome glazing unit

Low rise pyramid glazing unit

This gives the Mardome Trade range a contemporary appearance that will lend itself to any property type.

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Mardome Details

The Mardome Trade Smoke Vent rooflight range is designed for safety and comfort. Each of the polycarbonate domes in the range will act as part of a fire safety system, venting out smoke if needed.

Mardome aov-smoke-vent-triple-glazed-dome-certified-to-en-121101-2-tall kerb-wind deflector
mardome smoke-vent-dome-clear-300-general

Mardome rooflights are available with both manual and electric opening options. The Manual option is supplied with a 2m long winding rod as standard, a 3m pole is available to suit higher callings if required. Electric hinged units come with either a wall switch, a remote or remote & rain sensor to meet your requirements.

hinged rooflights domed polycarbonate mardome electric

Mardome polycarbonate domed rooflights are available as a top only from the Reflex range or if a PVC kerb is required the Trade Range can be used. Fixed kerbs are available as 100mm high Direct Fix for fitting to an existing upstand or in either 150mm or 300mm high PVC kerbs for fitting directly to the roof deck.

polycarbonate rooflights roofview mardome
mardome kitchen

These Mardome rooflights come with a robust GRP kerb, and the circular polycarbonate dome makes for a distinctive architectural feature.

Circular Polycarbonare Mardome


Frequent Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If you need further information or wish to speak to a member of our team, please do get in touch!

  • Yes, Mardome rooflights are glazed with Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate which comes with a UV protective coating as standard ensuring your units stay clear for years to come. 

  • Mardome rooflights offer the lowest profile dome on the market for a modern streamlined effect.  The low rise dome allows for efficient water run off but gives an unobtrusive contemporary look which lends itself to any property type.

  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer made to measure rooflights from the Mardome range however the list of sizes available is extensive so we are sure you will be able to find a size that works for your application.

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