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Glass skylights are a popular option for all projects, both domestic and commercial. The appearance of glass is premium and aesthetically pleasing, plus it is strong, robust and can achieve excellent U-values, making it energy efficient as well.  Read More »
Flat rooflights have a low, slim profile, sitting close to the roof to give a modern aesthetic and to add maximum amounts of extra daylight. Flat rooflights are generally installed in a flat roof. Read More »
We are delighted to announce that we will now be supplying products from VELUX Commercial. This innovative, market-leading range of rooflights can be ordered directly from us, with any assistance you need during specification readily available from our expert team.   Read More »
We are pleased to announce that we are now suppliers of Wendland Lanterns, PVC roof lanterns that offer stylish light solutions and create a stunning focal point in any location. Offering excellent value for money, these roof lanterns are the ideal choice for any project where budget is a key factor, but aesthetics are important. Read More »
We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking brand new Mardome products: stunning multi-part glass rooflights from the Mardome Glass Link range. Mardome Glass Link is an innovative system that allows you to create modular flat glass rooflights of unlimited length, thanks to individual, easy-to-install modules that are lapped together and side fixed.  Read More »
We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Mardome product offering: Mardome Trade Glass skylights. These highly popular rooflights offer a premium flat glass modular design at a competitive price point, making them a versatile and affordable addition to our range.  Read More »
Rooflights come in many styles and designs, but despite this, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect one to meet your needs. If this is the case, a bespoke rooflight can provide an alternative option – designed and manufactured to your specifications, you will have a lot more flexibility. Learn more about bespoke rooflights, why you might choose one, and what makes them a good option for both homes and commercial properties.  Read More »
Fixed flat rooflights are modern and stylish, giving you more glass and less frame for a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing property. If you want a rooflight that will ensure your home is on trend as well as providing additional natural light, a flat glass design could be the perfect option for you.  Read More »
Flat rooflights feature a modern design and a large expanse of glass to let in more light. They are a popular option for contemporary and traditional properties alike, providing an effective daylight solution that also has an aesthetic focus.   Read More »
We are now stocking 3-litre cartons of hand sanitiser, available individually and in multipacks of five with fast, free delivery.  Read More »
Everything is currently operating as normal. You can still visit our office, or continue to shop online or by telephone. Read More »
 A Mardome smoke vent is a polycarbonate dome that will act as a natural heat and smoke exhaust in the event of a fire. It is highly useful for improving fire safety standards, as well as for providing natural ventilation to a property with a hinged opening. The domes are strong and reliable, designed for simple installation on a flat roof. Read More »
Our offices will close for the Christmas break on Friday 20th December at 5pm. We will be returning to our usual opening hours on Thursday 2nd January. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from everyone at the National Domelight Company.     Read More »
Rooflights can be a practical addition to a home all year round, thanks to their ability to incorporate natural light into any space, as well as their excellent energy efficiency. Some people are concerned about installing rooflights in winter, but as long as you choose quality products, there really is no need to worry.   Read More »
Bathrooms can often feel a bit gloomy, especially when the blinds are regularly kept drawn or there is frosted glass in the windows. A rooflight can provide the perfect solution, making a bathroom brighter whilst also protecting its privacy. And if privacy is still an issue, you can fit rooflights with blinds that can be drawn as and when required.   Read More »
Rooflights can make the perfect addition to a kitchen, especially if it has been extended and would benefit from more natural light. Installing a rooflight can completely change the aesthetic and help you to make the most of the space you have in your home.   Read More »
Polycarbonate rooflights use a polycarbonate skin in place of glass, creating durable daylight solutions that are excellent value for money. They can go a long way to improving a space, making it lighter and increasing the sense of spaciousness inside. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve a property with more natural light.   Read More »
Glass rooflights are often favoured by homeowners wanting to make a tangible home improvement. They are premium products that at the same time offer good value for money, providing a whole host of benefits and a better living environment.    Read More »
Self-cleaning glass – can there really be such a thing? Many of our customers are delighted to learn that we are now suppliers of Korniche roof lanterns, which are available with self-cleaning glass options. This makes an already low maintenance rooflight into an even greater convenience for you in your home, as the roof lantern will need very little cleaning or upkeep. You can keep on enjoying panoramic sky views from inside your home, without dirt and grime intruding on your outlook.    Read More »
There are several types of rooflight that use glass:Flat glass rooflights, Roof lanterns/ pyramids, Manual and electric hinged rooflights and Walk-on rooflights.   Read More »
We are very pleased to announce that the National Domelight Company is now an official distributor of Korniche aluminium roof lanterns. These beautifully designed, innovative products are completely in line with our ambition to supply high quality rooflights that allow versatility and flexibility of choice, and we are excited to be adding them to our existing range of in-stock rooflights. Read More »
We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone we work with for a fantastic year in 2018, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our offices will close for the Christmas break on Thursday 20th December at 5pm. We will be returning to our usual opening hours on Wednesday 2nd January. Read More »
Did you know that at the National Domelight Company, we are approved suppliers of Mardome rooflights? We don’t just supply our own brands – we also supply rooflights from other leading brands, ensuring you have plenty of choice when making your selection. Here, we give you a brief introduction to the Mardome ranges we supply, so you understand more about your choices and what the Mardome range can do for you.   Read More »
When choosing a rooflight, you will be presented with two main options: glass or polycarbonate. Many of our clients wonder which option they should choose, especially if they haven’t selected a rooflight before and aren’t sure about the ins and outs of the different types of materials. To help you decide, we have put together a brief guide to glass and polycarbonate rooflights and their key features and benefits.    Read More »
It’s our summer sale! For a limited time only, we’re offering you 5% off our Astroglaze fixed glass rooflights and Astroglaze walk on rooflights – just quote the code SUM18! when ordering.   Read More »
Building regulations govern the way in which a property is designed and constructed. This is to make sure the building is completely safe, and accessible to everyone who needs to use it. Since 2015, building regulations have included Approved Document Q, which details requirements for the security of dwellings. Whilst this mainly applies to doors and windows, there are also implications for rooflights, and it’s important that you understand these when installing a rooflight in your building.    Read More »
 An access hatch is in many ways the same as a hinged rooflight, opening up to give ventilation. The main difference is that it will open up further, often to around 85°, to allow access for a person.  Read More »
 We are often asked whether a rooflight will change a room’s temperature, and whilst coatings can be used on the glass to make a room cooler, ventilation is always going to be better controlled with a hinged rooflight. You will be able to control the rooflight’s opening function either manually or electrically, meaning rooflights can also be placed in high ceilings.  Read More »
 One of the things that sets us apart at the National Domelight Company is our bespoke rooflight offering. We are able to manufacture rooflights and skylights to your specification, meaning you don’t have to be limited by size and design. If you are working on a bespoke project or need a rooflight that is an unusual size, we will be able to help.   Read More »
 Earlier this year, we launched our Lunaglaze range of rooflights. They have proved incredibly successful so far and we have had some great feedback on the range.  The Lunaglaze range is available with a next-day delivery service. We have 14 sizes in stock that are ready to be shipped out to you, making Lunaglaze rooflights a flexible option for your next project. We understand just how busy our customers are and we are always looking for ways to make it easier to buy rooflights quickly and simply online.    Read More »
 With Black Friday fast approaching on the 24th November, we have an excellent offer for National Domelight Company customers. When you purchase any of our Astroglaze Fixed Glass Rooflights in a stocked size, you will receive a 10% discount on your order.   Read More »
If you need a way to bring more light into hard-to-reach places, suntubes are the answer. Suntubes work to bring natural light into small areas and awkward space by directing sunlight down through reflective tubing into the space below. Suntubes are perfect if you’re looking for ways to comply with various building regulations and are also available with passive ventilation options for use in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Read More »
We are very pleased to be able to introduce our customers to our Lunaglaze range of rooflights. Recently launched to further meet the needs of our customers, the Lunaglaze product line focuses on value, style and convenience. We have 14 sizes in stock and available for next-day delivery. Read More »
The guide will help you to work out exactly what the requirements are for your project, so that you can approach our team to put together a full specification. Here, we have briefly summarised the contents of our product overview so you can see the unique benefits of each of our current ranges. Read More »
We have been busy updating and extending our Astroglaze range and are delighted to announce the release of our brand new 2017 product brochure, which is now available for you to view online. All Astroglaze rooflights are designed with a focus on aesthetics, insulation and easy installation. A variety of glazing options are available and all rooflights come in a white or slate grey finish as standard. Read More »
Rooflights and the Importance of Security. Rooflights are a beautiful, stylish way to improve homes and commercial buildings alike. Read More »
Can Rooflights be Truly Energy Efficient? Rooflights certainly can be energy efficient, as long as they are making use of the latest technology. Read More »
Smoke vents and heat exhaust ventilators – or SHEVs – provide an effective way of removing smoke and heat from a burning building. This makes them an essential part of any building’s safety system, helping to protect the people inside by offering ventilation and creating a safe escape route as well as allowing day-to-day air circulation. Read More »
The London Build Expo is being held on the 26th and 27th of October at Olympia London. The event is one of the top expos in the UK, focusing on construction projects and opportunities in London and the South of England. Read More »
Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to people throughout the UK. Many want to reduce their carbon footprint, living in a more environmentally-friendly way. Money is also a big motivating factor – people want to be able to run their homes and other buildings efficiently without having to spend a small fortune. Read More »
This week is UK Construction Week 2016, the UK’s largest construction trade event. The event brings together nine shows, all under one roof at the Birmingham NEC between Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th October. Read More »
The Homebuilding & Renovating Show will be held in London from 23rd-25th September. We look forward to letting you know what the show has to offer and sharing our experiences with you in the near future. Read More »
The Mardome rooflight collection was developed in-house by the experts at Brett Martin Daylight Systems. The company is very successful in the UK market, giving you the peace of mind that comes with buying from a well-known and well-established brand. All rooflights are covered by a comprehensive guarantee. Read More »
There are plenty of innovative glass buildings around the world that deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Read More »
National Domelight Company Receive Top Product Award from Professional Builder Magazine Read More »
The beauty of a rooflight is that it opens up a room, making it lighter and seemingly more spacious without having to alter the room itself. This is why rooflights and extensions go hand in hand: a rooflight is the perfect complement to an extended room, where owners are already seeking to maximise their space. Read More »
We offer a number of rooflights for flat roofs here at the National Domelight Company, to ensure that you have plenty of choice for your property. A flat roof surface will easily accommodate a rooflight, and whatever the size of the system you install, it will have a major impact on the look and feel of your interior. Read More »
Roof lanterns for swimming pools make an excellent feature within any building, and at the National Domelight Company, we have many to choose from. They offer beautiful views of the outside world, from the comfort of the inside. A practical and stylish addition to the construction of your building, a roof lantern can make any room feel larger by filling it with natural light. Read More »
The National Domelight Companys SkyLantern rooflights benefit from a slim line style, meaning you get unrivalled sky views and a sleek, stylish exterior design. Read More »
A sun tube may be a straightforward solution to a dark area, but it really can make a huge difference, reflecting up to 98% on its inner surface and providing 20 times more light than a 100w bulb. Read More »
We have created a microsite dedicated to automatic opening smoke vents. There are a variety of options complete with technical details and drawings with NBS specifications available. Read More »
Sun tubes are designed to attract light in small or awkward spaces like hallways, landings and bathrooms. These systems are also referred to as sun tunnels and sun pipes, and they’re specially designed to channel direct sunlight and ambient light into dim lit environments. Read More »
Then our Solarglaze glass rooflight range is ideal for you. Read More »
Walk-on rooflights are specially designed to invite high levels of natural daylight, but another core benefit is superior strength. You certainly do not have to walk cautiously on this skylight, and its the ultimate solution for terraces, balconies and other roofing areas where foot traffic is inevitable. Read More »
We are pleased to introduce a new range of rooflights available to buy direct from us here at National Domelight Company. Solarglaze rooflights sleek appearance and excellent thermal qualities it combines good aesthetics with impressive technical ability. Read More »
We are now able to offer an electrically operated sliding glass rooflight from our Solarglaze range of glass rooflights. Read More »
The National Domelight Company are now on Twitter. It's regularly updated and we even have a live feed on our homepage. Read More »