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Rooflights and the Importance of Security

Rooflights and the Importance of Security

16th February 2017

Rooflights are a beautiful, stylish way to improve homes and commercial buildings alike. Understandably, people often have concerns about security and we are regularly asked the question: just how secure are rooflights and skylights? The answer is that they are incredibly safe and secure, making them the perfect way to draw in natural light without compromising on security. Here, we are discussing the top security features of rooflights, giving you the need-to-know facts before you select the right brand and model for you:

  • Toughened glazing. If your rooflight is somewhere accessible and you want to prevent entry, choose a design that has a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane. This will give it a very high resistance to breakage, making it a secure choice for buildings of any kind. The SolarGlaze range uses toughened glass for extra security, and these rooflights are also slimline and stylish to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Lockable handles. Hinged rooflights and access hatches feature a lockable handle to make sure they are secured when shut. These are similar to the handle on a double glazed window and can only be secured from insides. The AstroGlaze Manual Hinged Glass Rooflights and Access Hatches come with lockable handles.
  • Security frames. StarDome rooflights are available with the addition of a security frame, making them ideal for commercial premises and schools. The robust aluminium frame encloses and secures the outer edge of the glazing, clipping onto the lower assembly.
  • High security fixings. Certain rooflights come complete with tamper-proof screwbolt fixings, preventing them from being removed by people trying to gain entry. This also protects your rooflight if screws are over-tightened or the glass is subjected to added pressure, as the fixings will prevent stress fractures from forming. StarDome and ThermaDome rooflights use this type of fixing.
  • Security grids and burglar bars. These are available with most rooflight ranges to help reduce the risk of forced entry, even if the rooflight glazing zone is compromised. They provide a physical and visual deterrent to break-ins.
  • Rooflights are safe, secure structures for homes and businesses. We hope this will have provided answers to some of your questions, and if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.

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