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Suntubes – Elegant Daylight Solutions

Suntubes – Elegant Daylight Solutions

31st October 2017

If you need a way to bring more light into hard-to-reach places, suntubes are the answer. Suntubes work to bring natural light into small areas and awkward space by directing sunlight down through reflective tubing into the space below. Suntubes are perfect if you’re looking for ways to comply with various building regulations and are also available with passive ventilation options for use in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural light has so many benefits. It can help to improve any space and make it look bigger, brighter and more inviting. It’s understandable that people want to bring as much natural daylight as possible into a property, which is why suntubes are so useful. UK tests have shown that they are incredibly effective – a 3m suntube on a 550mm diameter unit can be 14 times brighter than a 100 watt bulb. Once a suntube is installed, there is less need for artificial light, helping to save energy and reduce bills as well.

These are the standard specifications of our suntubes:

  • Rigid tube system: available up to 1m (or 0.7m for flat roof kits)
  • Flexible tube system: available up to 3m

Flexible extension tubing is also available in 625mm and 1250mm lengths. It can be used to extend rigid and flexible tube systems.

The suntubes we supply come from Lunaglaze, a brand that is designed to provide cost-effective natural light solutions for properties of all types. They are suitable for both flat and pitched roofs and can be used to bring light into even the smallest spaces, like hallways, stairwells and narrow corridors.

These are the main specifications of Lunaglaze suntubes:

  • Low profile double glazing
  • Roof flashing panel
  • Flexible and rigid tubing options available
  • Lower tube ceiling mounting ring
  • Easy-fit magnetic double glazed ceiling diffuser
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