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Different Types of Glass Skylights
Different Types of Glass Skylights

21st September 2021

Glass skylights are a popular option for all projects, both domestic and commercial. The appearance of glass is premium and aesthetically pleasing, plus it is strong, robust and can achieve excellent U-values, making it energy efficient as well. There are different types of glazing you can choose to personalise your product and ensure it meets your needs.

Types of Glass Used in Skylights

Most skylights are double glazed, with some being triple glazed if preferred. Double or triple glazing can be paired with different types of glass to achieve specific benefits – these are some of the most popular types:

Laminated glass skylights. Is used primarily as a safety feature. If the glass were to break (which is very unlikely), it won’t shatter like normal glass. Laminated glass is strong, helps to block out UV light and can increase soundproofing as well.

Toughened glass skylights. Is around four to five times stronger than normal glass. It is harder to break, giving additional security and peace of mind – it’s also designed to crumble rather than break into fragments if it does get broken, so it’s a safer choice.

Walk-on glass skylights. You should only ever walk on skylights that have been properly reinforced and tested for this purpose. Walk-on skylights are fitted with reinforced glass so they can be installed in areas like verandas and balconies, or anywhere else where this would be practical.

Some products have the Secured By Design mark, meaning they have been put through extensive attack testing and are proven to be highly secure. These skylights have a laminated inner glass pane, as well as upgraded fixings to achieve their high levels of security.

Glass can also be tinted, or can have a special coating applied – some of the options available include bronze, blue and low-E coatings. These are generally recommended to help prevent glare; low-E glass helps to improve the energy efficiency of skylights too.

hetic you are looking for. Glass is also a highly durable, tough and thermally efficient material, so you can rest assured it will last you well into the future.

Choosing Glass Skylights to Suit Your Project

There are options for all projects and budgets, including skylights that are extra robust, skylights with specific functionality (such as hinged skylights) and skylights with improved energy efficiency or reduced glare.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you specify products for your project; we can talk you through all the options and tell you more about our ranges. Within our extensive product range, there will be something to suit you perfectly. To get in touch, just call 01276 451555, email or fill in our contact form.

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