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Electric VELUX Commercial Windows
Electric VELUX Commercial Windows

7th December 2021

Electric Windows VELUX Commercial

Electric VELUX Commercial windows offer advanced features for added ventilation, helping to improve environments and reduce the possibility of condensation. We supply electric roof windows from the VELUX Commercial range, which are designed to the highest specifications by an expert brand. They have a variety of applications, primarily in commercial, industrial and public buildings where natural light and ventilation are required. This means ceilings are often high and inaccessible, which is where an electrically operated window comes in very useful.

There are a number of VELUX Commercial products that are available with electric operation, including:

Venting dome rooflights and AOVs. Single unit dome rooflights are versatile and customisable, with a range of standard and bespoke sizes available. They are a practical option that also doubles up as an excellent source of natural light, while allowing for ventilation or smoke venting as well. There is the choice of permanent ventilation, with an outer polycarbonate skin for protection from the elements. Other options include electrically operated natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV) and rooflights fitted with a power fan for mechanical opening.

Modular rooflights with electric operation. This is the perfect choice for larger commercial roofs where natural light needs to be maximised. The elegant options available from VELUX Commercial have a stylish and unobtrusive design, where the frame is not visible from inside for better views up to the sky. There are fixed options, or venting modular roof windows that can be operated electrically.

Access hatches. These hinged rooflights are used to provide safe access to a roof in a commercial environment. They will open up between 750mm and 1200mm to provide easy access for a person, and there are integrated handrails that can be fitted to increase safety. As well as providing access, these roof windows can be opened to provide comfort ventilation, which will help to maintain an ambient temperature and keep the space free from damp and condensation.

We can help you specify an electric VELUX Commercial window and find the ideal VELUX Commercial solution to meet your needs. Please call us on 01276 451555, email or fill in our contact form.

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