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Fixed Flat Rooflights

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Fixed Flat Rooflights

24th September 2020

Fixed flat rooflights are modern and stylish, giving you more glass and less frame for a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing property. If you want a rooflight that will ensure your home is on trend as well as providing additional natural light, a flat glass design could be the perfect option for you.

Fixed flat rooflights prioritise design – they are manufactured to high aesthetic standards and will complement the property inside and out. With slimline frames that are often not visible when looking up through them, you’ll get stunning sky views overhead.

Our fixed flat rooflights

We offer fixed flat rooflights from a variety of brands – explore them and find the right one for you:

Lunaglaze – cost-effective rooflights for roof pitches between 5° and 15°

Astroglaze – provide lots of daylight, with sealed double glazing in an aluminium frame

Solarglaze – fixed double-glazed rooflights with a sleek appearance

Starglaze – units are available in a wide variety of sizes for greater flexibility

Thermalight – flush glazing external metalwork means there is no visible frame

All of our fixed flat glass rooflights offer excellent thermal performance and have very low u-values.

We also supply flat glass rooflights from Coxdome, a leading name in the industry.

Choosing the right option for your fixed flat glass rooflight

We offer rooflights in a vast range of sizes to suit all projects. You can see the available sizes and the various specifications when browsing our different rooflight brands. We offer something to suit every requirement, at a wide variety of price points.

If you need a different size or want a unique design, our bespoke rooflight service will be ideal for your requirements. We can design and manufacture the rooflight to your specifications. Our team will be happy to advise you further.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about fixed flat rooflights and want some help finding the perfect one for you. We work with domestic customers as well as professionals, including architects, builders and roofers. We also offer a free UK mainland delivery service on our products. Call 01276 451555 or email

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