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11th August 2021

Flat Rooflights and their Various Applications

Flat rooflights have a low, slim profile, sitting close to the roof to give a modern aesthetic and to add maximum amounts of extra daylight.

Are generally installed in a flat roof; they are perfect for:

• Extensions with flat roofs

• Any type of building with an entirely flat roof

• Conservatories and orangeries with flat roofs

They can also be used in pitched roofs up to around 15° depending on the brand.

Are often fixed rooflights, meaning they are fitted permanently into a roof and they will not open. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and specifications – if you can’t find what you need after talking to our expert team, there is also the option to create bespoke flat rooflights. This is where a rooflight will be manufactured to your required size and specifications, so there are more possibilities and complex projects can be catered for.

Can also be hinged, opening manually or with an electric mechanism. This provides ventilation in much the same way as a vertical window would when open, helping to cool down a room and bring in fresh air. This can be a good option in spaces like conservatories, extensions that use lots of glass or top floors (such as loft conversions), which tend to become hot.

Selecting Flat Rooflights – are they Right for your Project?

Are very versatile and can be suitable for a wide range of projects, both domestic and commercial. They have a premium appearance, being fitted with glass as opposed to polycarbonate material. This optimises natural light, making flat glass rooflights a popular option for domestic projects where it’s important to achieve excellent aesthetics. Their flat glass design also plays an important part in shaping their appearance, giving them a modern look and ensuring they sit close to the roof so they’re unobtrusive from the outside of the property. The large expanse of glass gives beautiful sky views from within while making the space as bright as possible.

If you’re interested in flat rooflights to suit your project, we will have what you need. Please get in touch with our team – we can help you specify rooflight to meet your requirements in full. Call 01276 451555, email info@nationaldomes.com or fill in our contact form.

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