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Glass Rooflights, What They Are and Why You Might Choose Them

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Glass Rooflights, What They Are and Why You Might Choose Them

29th August 2019

Glass rooflights are often favoured by homeowners wanting to make a tangible home improvement. They are premium products that at the same time offer good value for money, providing a whole host of benefits and a better living environment.

These are some of the styles that are available with glass:

Flat glass rooflights

Roof lanterns and pyramids

Manual and electric hinged

Walk-on (these will use a type of reinforced glass that is very strong and suitable for walking on).

You can also opt for bespoke rooflights, made to your own specifications to fit into any type of roof.

Why choose a glass rooflight instead of a polycarbonate rooflight?

Glass is the more popular material for homeowners, but why? These are some of the reasons why you might decide on a glass roof light:

Appearance. Glass offers the ultimate views – beautiful, clear, uninterrupted sky above your home. People choose glass rooflights to allow natural light to flow in and to enjoy the views as well. If you want additional ventilation this is also possible with a hinged rooflight.

UV glass and tinted glass available. You can select from various kinds of glass that will filter light or provide protection from glare and UV rays. Each will have its own specifications so you can choose the type of glass that suits you.

Self-cleaning glass. Some of our products, such as Korniche aluminium roof lanterns, are available with self-cleaning glass to make maintenance even easier. Dirt and grime will be easily washed away when it rains.

Strong and long lasting. Glass is a tough material and it can be reinforced for extra strength if needed. You can expect to last for many years and they won’t require a lot of maintenance.

We offer a vast choice of glass skylights, with free delivery across the UK. Ask us more if you have any questions, or if you are ready to order, our team can guide you through the process. Call us on 01276 451 555 or email


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