Optilux Rooflights

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The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Optilux Rooflights

Optilux is one of the most attractive rooflights on the market. Its refined design is a real head-turner with high architectural appeal. Optilux units have no visible screw fixings and seamless welds, giving the units a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

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Optilux Circular electric hinged
Optilux external electric hinged


Optilux Rooflight Applications

There is a stepless transition between the frame and glazing that ensures a flush, smooth and even profile that is highly desirable.

Stylish design, premium specification unit

Units can be supplied with integral 3° pitch for superior drainage

Shape: Square, Rectangular and Circular

U-Values from as low as 0.53W/m2K

'Secured by Design’ units available


Optilux Rooflight Benefits

Units can be supplied with a built-in 3° pitch that assists with the swift drainage of water and removal of dirt particles to keep sky views uninterrupted.

Thermally broken unit for improved thermal performance

Passivhaus compliant units available

300mm PVC or Aluminium kerbs as standard

Circular rooflight with integral upstand available

Optilux Circular electric hinged
Optilux external electric hinged

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Rooflights.

Optilux Rooflights

For customers aiming to achieve a low-energy home, Optilux units meet the rigorous energy efficient design standards of Passivhaus, achieving a standard certified to class phA so that they maintain an almost constant temperature.

Ventilation: Manual or Electric Hinged

Smoke Vents/AOVs and Electric Access Hatches

Solo and Duo Sliding Units

Electric Opening Circular Units

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Optilux Details

As well as offering fixed units Optilux can supply an electrically operated ventilation units . Supplied with either PVC or Aluminium frames with a choice of kerb heights there is an electrically hinged Optilux unit to suit every requirement. Supplied as standard with an un-concealed 230v chain actuator on the 300mm high kerb option. When combined with a 500mm high upstand the electric mechanism can be fully concealed for a sleek modern look.

electric rooflights sliding access solo optilux
Circular Flat Glass Electric Hinged Optilux External

Optilux offer high end large glass access hatch units which allow luxury access to a roof terrace. The Swing access hatch is available in maximum length of 3500mm and opening to 84° in around 25 seconds and is suitable as a convenient and comfortable, horizontally opening, roof access product for stairs.

sliding rooflight access solo optilux
sliding rooflights Duo Access optilux

The Optilux smoke vent is fully certified to EN 12101-2 and is suitable for flat roof residential, administrative or school building projects. Available with either a domed polycarbonate or glass top they are both attractive and functional.

Smoke Vents Optilux Alu 3
Smoke Vents Optilux 2

Optilux offer circular glass rooflights complete with a preformed GRP upstand for direct fitting to the roof, the seamless silk-white interior finish removed the need for internal plastering. Fully factory assembled for quick and easy on sit installation. Available with a 230v chain driver motor for ventilation, fully concealed motors available with the 500mm high kerb option.

fixed rooflights optilux
Circular Flat Glass Electric Hinged Optilux External


Frequent Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If you need further information or wish to speak to a member of our team, please do get in touch!

  • If you are looking at the Optilux rooflight with a 300mm upstand then no, the motor will be visible.  If you require a fully concealed motor then please choose the 500mm high upstand.

  • Although condensation is something that can never truly be eliminated the Optilux units have enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – resulting in achieving maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation.  The thermally broken frame is free of thermal bridges and reducing the risk of condensation.

  • Optilux rooflights are suitable for flat roofs and roofs up to 25° pitch.

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