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Thermadome Polycarbonate Rooflight Ventilation Options

Fresh air is as important in any space as natural daylight and to ensure the finished room gets the right amount Thermadome rooflights come with a range of ventilation options to suit every requirement.

Permanent Trickle
Thermadome Ventilated Rooflights Permanent trickle ventilation provides a continuous 5 to 10mm weatherproof vent around the edge of the rooflight which is perfect in areas, like corridors, where non-controllable background ventilation is needed.

Controllable Trickle
Controllable trickle ventilation is provided by an adjustable vent which is fitted to either two or four sides of the upstands. The two-sided unit provides a ventilation area of around 8000mm2 which helps compliance with Building Regulations.

Controllable Rotating
Thermadome Ventilated Rooflights Controllable rotating ventilation units are fully insulated, resulting in superior thermal properties, and offer a greater ventilation area than the Trickle Vent options. The vents can be fitted to two or four sides of an upstand. The two-sided units will provide a minimum ventilation area of 11,000mm2 and this improves with the size of the rooflight. The units are tested and certified according to EN 1873: Watertightness.

Thermadome rooflights, upstands, hinged opening frames and rotating ventilators, are all certified as providing adequate resistance to precipitation, according to EN 1873: Weathertightness.


Hinged Opening Rooflights

Hinged opening vents are designed to allow rapid air movement in a room and provide the maximum ventilation area. Thermadome rooflights can be supplied with manual or electric opening hinged vents.


Hinged Electric Actuator Opening
Thermadome Hinged RooflightsThe electric actuator operation can be opened to 400 or 600mm and is controlled by a wall-mounted switch. A control panel which offers additional options for wind, rain and temperature sensors is available separately. Actuators are either 24V DC or 230V AC.

Manual Hinged Spindle Opening
The manual spindle operation can be opened up to 300mm and is operated by a portable winding rod. The hinge manual spindle opening vent is tested and certified according to EN 1873: Watertightness.

Thermadome Extractor Fan Powered extractor fan ventilation
Where extra natural ventilation is needed in a space Thermadome rooflights can be supplied with Vent Axia Solo or Centrif Duo centrifugal extract fans. They come mounted in the side wall of the upstands.

These high performance extract fans are specifically designed for ventilating internal bathrooms, WCs and other small rooms. They have an extract performance of 85 m3 /hr (24 l/s) or 220 m3/hr (61/s) respectively and can be fitted in one or more sides. Where greater air movement is required, white PVC lined fan collars with pre-cut apertures are available to enable fitting of larger axial fans (e.g. Vent-Avia T-series). This allows either new high capacity fans to be installed or existing fans to be reinstalled through the rooflight unit.


Stardome Polycarbonate Rooflight Ventilation Options

Whatever the size and shape of the space, fresh air will be as important as natural daylight to those using it. Stardome rooflights are available with a wide range of ventilation options that ensure the finished roof admits the right amount of light and air to suit every need.

Hit and Miss ventilation

Hit and Miss ventilation is a great way to provide minimal background air circulation and comes as standard via adjustable vents fitted to 2 sides of your chosen upstand. A system of 4-sided ventilation, offering increased air flow, is also available on request.

Stardome Hit & Miss Vent

Rotary Ventilation

Set into the side wall of the ventilation zone the vents are fully protected from wind-borne water, debris and insect ingress, by an integral continuous weather cowl. The vents are on two sides of the frame and, when closed, form a virtual triple-skin chamber which keeps air leakage to a minimum. An integral water management system also helps ensure that any moisture is drained to the outside of the building.

 Stardome Rotary Vent

Manual Hinged Ventilation

Vents are easily controlled with a portable winding rod which comes as standard. Ventilation levels can be precisely managed by hinging the dome section away from the upstand by 5mm – 300mm (dependent on the size of the rooflight). For those looking for a more minimalistic manual hinged mechanism a manual chain opener is also available in place of the traditional worm gear arrangement.

 Stardome Manual Hinged Vent

Electric Hinged Ventilation

Vents can be easily and precisely controlled from a wall-mounted switch. The mechanism hinges the dome section away from the upstand from 5mm – 300mm (as standard) but for those that need more air circulation the electric hinged option can be supplied with a longer chain actuator. The electric hinged mechanism is 230V mains powered (as standard) and a 24V option is also available (please contact us for details).

 Stardome Electric Hinged Vent

Access Hatches

Stardome Access Hatch RooflightWhere access to a roof space is needed, Stardome rooflights can double up as a means of light and access. The hinged access hatch frame opens to approximately 85°. They are secured from the inside by a handle and lockable hatch with gas-assisted struts to ensure the rooflight stays open when in use.

Stardome access hatches are only available with vertical upstands to ensure you get the maximum width to enable safe and easy passage. Stardome access hatches are also available with electric hinged operation via 240V actuators for those who want more convenient access to the roof area at the touch of a button. 







If you would like assistance at any time about any of the rooflights or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.