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Rooflight types

Rooflight Types

Get a Quote The selection of available rooflights at National Domelight Company ranges across a variety of shape, sizes and materials. The Materials used for construction purposes vary from cast iron, reinforced polycarbonate and high quality glass being the most popular. The range of shapes available for these systems can ultimately be bespoke, but generally these products are categorised into flat, pyramid and dome rooflights.

Rooflights are a great way to get natural light into and room or corridor that has no windows. Often you find you may have a bathroom or bedroom that is located in a property that has no access to the outside. Installing a Skylight is perfect for this situation and can brighten up any room.

There are many different types, glass being a very popular choice. Not only will it let light in but if you opt for an opening one, you can also ensure that the room has a constant supply of fresh air.

Polycarbonate, Glass & Conservation Rooflights

The National Domelight Company is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Glazing Systems & Polycarbonate rooflights. With their years of experience in the industry they are able to assist with all your residential or commercial needs.

With first class service, a large warehouse and wide range of rooflights in stock, National Domelight guarantees you the shortest possible lead times. FREE nationwide delivery service means your order will be safely delivered just when it’s needed.

Our Solarglaze, Starglaze and Skylantern rooflights offer you unsurpassed quality and almost limitless choice. To give your project the ultimate authentic deluxe finish, glass is the way forward.

Fixed Cast Iron

Fixed Rooflights

Our Solarglaze, Starglaze, and Skylantern ranges feature a variety of fixed rooflights. Rooflights from the Starglaze range are supplied with their own vertical or splayed PVC kerbs,  Solarglaze are offered complete with an insulated timber kerb, in order to provide an overall rooflight U Value of 1.24 W/m²K.

Manual Hinged

Manual Hinged Rooflights

Our Starglaze range features manually-openable hinged rooflights, which are supplied complete with either a splayed or PVC upstand.  Our Astroglaze range also offers a manually hinged option.

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Electric Hinged Conversation roof window

Electric Hinged Rooflights

Electrically openable hinged rooflights are available from our Astroglaze rooflight range. The opening mechanism is concealed within the glazing framework ensuring maximum light transfer into the building.

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Solarglaze Walk-On Roof Window

Walk On Rooflights

The Solarglaze and Skylantern ranges can be manufactured thick enough for people to walk on. Our Walk On roof lights system has been specifically designed to cater for roof terraces, and any areas that are likely to require regular pedestrian access.

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Pyramid Shaped Skylight

Pyramid Rooflights

Pyramid shaped rooflights are available from our SkyLantern rooflight range in both fixed and hinged variants. If you are looking to install a rooflight as an architectural feature to your building, our pyramid option could be the answer.

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Bespoke Requirements

In addition to standard sizes, we can manufacture rooflights to an almost unlimited number of different sizes to meet your specific needs. Simply get in touch with us, to discuss your requirements, and one of our highly experienced team members will be more than happy to discuss your needs, by telephone e-mail or fax.

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