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Rooflight Types

A Guide to Rooflight Types

At the National Domelight Company, we supply different types of rooflight to suit different properties. There are many styles available, so whether you are looking for a rooflight for your home, or you need a domelight to suit your commercial building, you will be able to find what you need.

There is one main decision you will need to make before deciding on the rooflight style: glass or polycarbonate?

These are some of the reasons why people choose glass:

- Aesthetics. Sunlight and natural daylight coming through glass creates a beautiful aesthetic.
- Toughened glass. This type of glass is very safe and won’t shatter.
- Different glazing options. Choose double or triple glazing for better insulation.

These are some of the reasons why people choose polycarbonate:

- Cost effectiveness. Polycarbonate is a lower cost option than glass.
- Strength. This material can take a lot of impact without breaking.
- The shape. Domes are a good option for bringing in more light.

Once you have selected your material, you are ready to choose your rooflight. If you’d like any advice whilst selecting, contact our team on 01276 451 555 or send us a message.

Types of Rooflight

These are the different types of rooflight you can choose:
Polycarbonate domes
These are a relatively low-cost option and will bring in lots of natural light due to the shape. They are often used in commercial of public spaces such as offices or schools.
Flat glass rooflights
Flat glass rooflights are perfect for a modern minimalist aesthetic. They have a low profile and a flat glass pane, so they’re unobtrusive but bring in lots of natural light.
Roof lanterns and pyramids
Roof lanterns are large, decorative rooflights that are often used on conservatories, orangeries and extensions. You can also choose a pyramid shape.
Manual and electric hinged rooflights
Perfect for providing natural ventilation, these rooflights are available with a manual opening mechanism or an electric remote controlled opening function.
Access hatches
These will open up to give access and provide ventilation.
Walk-on rooflights
A reinforced rooflight design that is completely safe to walk on. These are often used on balconies, terraces and for basements.
AOVs and smoke vents
Use these are part of your fire safety system to vent out smoke.
Sliding rooflights
These provide ventilation as well as natural light by sliding open.
Let more light into narrow or awkwardly-shaped spaces.

Rooflights from the National Domelight Company

As a leading rooflight supplier, we have a wide range of rooflights available for you to buy from our easy-to-use website. Our team are highly experienced and will be able to provide any advice you need whilst choosing the right type of rooflight for your property.

Here are some of the reasons why customers choose to shop with us:
- Free UK delivery. Our rooflights can be delivered free of charge across the UK.
- A knowledgeable team. Talk to us about your rooflights and we will help wherever we can.
- Polycarbonate and glass available. Choose the specification to suit you.
- Guides to help you order. Learn how to measure up and read our guide to the ordering process.

Contact us on 01276 451 555 for rooflight advice and information or send us a message to request your free no-obligation quote.

Fixed Cast Iron

Fixed Rooflights

Our Solarglaze, Starglaze, and Skylantern ranges feature a variety of fixed rooflights. Rooflights from the Starglaze range are supplied with their own vertical or splayed PVC kerbs,  Solarglaze are offered complete with an insulated timber kerb, in order to provide an overall rooflight U Value of 1.24 W/m²K.

Manual Hinged

Manual Hinged Rooflights

Our Starglaze range features manually-openable hinged rooflights, which are supplied complete with either a splayed or PVC upstand.  Our Astroglaze range also offers a manually hinged option.

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Electric Hinged Conversation roof window

Electric Hinged Rooflights

Electrically openable hinged rooflights are available from our Astroglaze rooflight range. The opening mechanism is concealed within the glazing framework ensuring maximum light transfer into the building.

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Solarglaze Walk-On Roof Window

Walk On Rooflights

The Solarglaze and Skylantern ranges can be manufactured thick enough for people to walk on. Our Walk On roof lights system has been specifically designed to cater for roof terraces, and any areas that are likely to require regular pedestrian access.

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Pyramid Shaped Skylight

Pyramid Rooflights

Pyramid shaped rooflights are available from our SkyLantern rooflight range in both fixed and hinged variants. If you are looking to install a rooflight as an architectural feature to your building, our pyramid option could be the answer.

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Bespoke Requirements

In addition to standard sizes, we can manufacture rooflights to an almost unlimited number of different sizes to meet your specific needs. Simply get in touch with us, to discuss your requirements, and one of our highly experienced team members will be more than happy to discuss your needs, by telephone e-mail or fax.

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