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Thermadome Smoke Vents

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Thermadome Smoke Vents

Thermadome smoke vents are designed to open automatically and are popularly used in domestic, commercial, leisure and retail settings. They are generally installed at the highest point of an escape route staircase or at the top of a smoke shaft, where they provide ventilation to help reduce smoke build-up. Standard polycarbonate smoke vents will:

Open to 160°

Provide natural ventilation

Comply with BS EN12101-2

Be delivered quickly in stock sizes

Be suitable for direct-to-roof installation, or installation with a builder’s kerb

There are four main options available within the Thermadome smoke vent range:


Thermadome Polycarbonate Smoke Vents

Location: flat roofs

Thermadome polycarbonate smoke vents are available with clear, opal, diffused, bronze or heat-reflective glazing. The polycarbonate lid works as a natural light solution as well as a smoke vent, which is a popular and effective option favoured for many commercial and domestic settings.

You can choose from a single leaf configuration, or double leaf, where the smoke vents can be combined with continuous glazing (including barrel vaults if preferred).

Thermadome Solid Lid Smoke Vent

Location: flat roofs

Thermadome smoke vents are available with a solid lid and no glazing for installations where no natural light is necessary. As they are often positioned above smoke shaft vents, there may not be a requirement for additional light, or they might be used in locations where natural light sources have already been installed. In this case, a solid lid smoke vent could be a practical choice.


Thermadome Louvre Vents

Location: vertical or horizontal applications

Louvre smoke vents are perfect for large roof spaces, stairwells and corridors, where natural light isn’t needed. They are CE Marked and fully certified to BS EN 12101-2, with the blades opening to 90°. It’s also possible for some louvre vents to provide natural ventilation, as well as effectively releasing heat and smoke in the event of a fire.


Thermadome Smoke Shaft Vent Door

Location: smoke shafts that provide ventilation in corridors or lobbies

Smoke shaft vent doors are an unobtrusive solution, flush mounted to fit in with their surroundings. They can be used with mechanical and natural smoke shafts, and are available in standard sizes of 0.6m² and 1.0m². Doors are fully certified to BS EN12101-2.

Controlling Thermadome Smoke Vents

Thermadome smoke ventilation systems are supplied with control panels, which are compliant with BS EN 12101-9 and BS EN 12101-10. They can form a standalone system, or can become part of a wider building management system. Each control panel can operate up to four smoke vents and comes ready to install, with fitted batteries and complete internal wiring in place. It is supplied complete with open, close and rest buttons, and LED status indicators behind a break glass panel.

The Thermadome control panels offer three options for operation:

1. Automatic opening on receipt of a fire signal from a smoke detector or manual control point mounted within the fire zone.

2. Operation on the instruction of the fire service, forming a standalone system.

3. A networked system, with control panels distributed around the building to control different zones.

Additional accessories include:

Smoke detectors

Break glass

Fireman’s key switch

Building regulations

Building regulation Approved Document B governs natural smoke ventilation systems. This states that a smoke ventilation system must be provided if there is a travel distance greater than 7.5m between an apartment door and the nearest escape stair. Thermadome smoke vents can satisfy building regulations, including Approved Document B and European Standards EN 12101-2, as part of a smoke ventilation system.

Finding Your Ideal Smoke Vent

We are perfectly placed to assist you in finding the ideal smoke vent for your property and industry. We will listen carefully to your requirements, or can help you specify a smoke vent that will be fully compliant and enhance the safety of your building.

Customers choose us because:

• We have a vast range of smoke vents and AOVs to meet all requirements.

• Our team members have many years of experience in the industry.

• We make the ordering process easy, with free quotes and dedicated customer service.

If you need assistance, or would like to get a smoke vent quote, please call 01276 451555, e-mail or contact us online.