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Stardome Automatic Opening Vents

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Stardome Automatic Opening Vents

Stardome smoke vents are the ideal choice for projects where space is limited, offering a solution to reduce smoke build up, provide safer escape routes and make access easier for firefighters. Bespoke sizes and different smoke vent configurations are available with short lead times, all for very affordable prices. Standard modular polycarbonate rooflights can be fitted along with the AOV to create more natural light and enhance aesthetics, as well as making the building safer.

Stardome automatic opening vents specification:

Opens to 140°

Fully certified to BS EN12101-2

Bespoke configurations available – adaptable designs

Concealed actuators for better aesthetics

Aluminium framework that’s thermally broken

Suitable for varying depths of insulation above or below the roof

Powder coated finish in RAL colours


Stardome smoke vent applications and configurations

There are several application options for Stardome smoke vents, with some of the most popular including:

Small single-stair blocks of flats

Common escape routes in blocks of flats


Enclosed car parks

Vertical smoke shafts (as part of a smoke control design)

The requirements for each application will depend on Part B of Building Regulations, Approved Document (AD B) Volume 2 (which offers guidance for flats and non-dwellings), or their equivalents. Stardome smoke vents can be easily customised to meet with the requirements of various regulations.

Stardome configurations are very flexible, as this is the ideal brand for custom sizes and designs with short lead times. Some of the configurations available include:

Single leaf smoke vents

Double leaf smoke vents

Roof louvre vents

Solid blade vents

This makes them suitable for use on flat roofs, as well as for vertical and horizontal applications – louvres can be fitted into a roof or into corridors and stairwells, where additional natural light from a polycarbonate dome isn’t required.

Controlling Stardome smoke vents

We work in partnership with leading control system specialists, providing a complete package of smoke ventilation solutions with the Stardome product range. There’s a selection of control options available, including:

Fireman’s switch

Smoke detector

Control panel – 3A

Control panel – 6A

These make the systems suitable for standalone use, or for use with a building management system.

Finding your perfect smoke vent

We are the ideal rooflight and smoke vent company to help you find the perfect product for your property. We put our expertise to good use, listening carefully to your requirements so we can point you in the right direction. With our assistance, you can make your building safer, brighter and generally more functional.

Customers choose the National Domelight Company for smoke vents because:

• We have a wide range of smoke vents and AOVs, in stock sizes and made to measure. We will help meet your requirements.

• Our team is highly experienced. We have knowledgeable members of staff available to assist you and explain the Stardome smoke vent range further.

• Ordering is quick and simple. You can easily request a quote, and place an order through our website or over the phone.

Talk to us about Stardome smoke vents, ask a question or get a quote. Please call 01276 451555, e-mail or contact us online.