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Stardome Glazing Options

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Stardome Rooflight and Skylight Glazing Options

Stardome polycarbonate domes and pyramids are star quality rooflights providing a choice of natural lighting solutions for projects of virtually any size. Whatever the size or space, there will be a polycarbonate dome or pyramid to fit. Manufactured from high-quality UV-protected polycarbonate they are high-impact resistant and come in a range of stylish glazing options – clear, opal, bronze or diffused.

Unlimited size range

Get a QuoteWhatever the size or space, there will be a Stardome polycarbonate dome to fit, either in a single unit (from 400x400mm to 2800x1600mm), or as larger barrel vaults or linked units. Our rooflights come with the choice of single and double skin units, and our triple and quad-skin units can significantly reduce internal condensation and deliver Ud Values as low as 1.4 W/m2K. The flexibility of the Stardome range of domes, pyramids and trapezoids make them a particularly good choice for refurbishment projects. A choice of variable fixing flanges is available in the common widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, and for a small additional charge we can cater for specific requirements. Stardome polycarbonate domes are available in a range of standard and bespoke shapes and sizes to suit every need.

Stardome Rooflight Glazing Options

Stardome Rooflight Glazing Options

Why choose polycarbonate glazing?

• Provides outstanding impact resistance
• High level of light transmission
• Co-extruded UV protection provides high levels of UV resistance – shielding internal spaces from up to 98% of UV radiation
• Excellent fire performance properties
• Available in a wide range of clear, tinted, patterned and opaque finishes
• Polycarbonate can be thermoformed in various profiles including dome, pyramid and trapezoid. Various base shapes include square, rectangular and circular

High Security Fixings

Stardome rooflights come with tamper resistant screwbolt fixings as standard which prevent their removal with traditional tools. The fixings are designed to protect the glazing from excess pressure, and the risk of stress fractures, if the screws are over-tightened.

Stardome Rooflight Security Fixings

Glazing Finish and Features

Stardome Rooflight Finishes

• High light transmission
• Placement where glare may occur is a consideration
• Allows full vision of views and objects
• Light transmission – 89%

• Maximises Privacy
• Diffused light transmission and so avoids glare and shadows
• Prevents vision of views and objects
• Light transmission – 50%

• Reduces solar heat gain
• Reduces light transmission into the building below
• Light transmission – 50%

• Maximises privacy
• High levels of light transmission into a building
• Diffuses light transmission and so avoids glare and shadows
• Prevents vision of views and objects
• Light transmission – 85%

Continuous Rooflights

Continuous rooflights are triple glazed as standard and formed from enhanced UV-protected polycarbonate with vented airspaces to satisfy Part L requirements. Single and double skin options are also available however these fall outside Part L requirements. The integral cascade water management system ensures that moisture drains to the outside of the building and air leakage meets Part L criteria.

The continuous rooflights are available up to 2.4m wide in both barrel vault and linked pyramid options. They are manufactured nominally in one metre sections, which interlock—facilitating easy on site assembly. This provides designers, architects and contractors with a wide range of design options.

Stardome Barrel Vault Rooflight

Stardome Linked Pyramid Rooflight

If you would like assistance at any time about any of the rooflights or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.