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Starglaze Automatic Opening Vent

Starglaze Automatic Opening Vent Rooflight (AOV)Designed to reduce smoke build-up, helping to provide a safer escape route for occupants and access for fire-fighting personnel. Working in partnership with leading specialists in control systems we provide a complete package of smoke ventilation options.

Helping you comply with Building Regulations

In England and Wales Part B of the Building Regulations covers fire and the Approved Document (AD B) Volume 2 provides guidance applicable to flats and non-dwellings.

The following national, regulatory guidelines have similar requirements: Section 2 of the Scottish Building Standards Agency Technical Handbooks 2007; Technical Booklet E of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland); Technical Guidance Document B of the Government of Ireland Building Regulations 2006. AD B identifies some situations where AOVs providing natural ventilation are appropriate, including:
• Small single-stair blocks of flats
• Common escape routes in larger blocks of flats
• Basement areas
• Enclosed car parks
• Vertical smoke shafts as part of a smoke control design
Starglaze Smoke Vent Close Up
In several cases AD B specifies the minimum required level of ventilation – generally either 1m2 or 1.5m2.

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