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Thermadome Access Hatch

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Thermadome Roof Access Hatch

For roof spaces requiring access, Thermadome rooflights can double up as a means of light and access. The hinged access hatch frame opens to 85° which is enough for safe passage. The access hatch frames can be mounted onto an existing upstand or on the Thermadome upstands.

Access hatches are secured from the inside with a locking handle and telescopic struts ensure the rooflight stays open when in use. The telescopic struts are available as assisted gas hydraulic or adjustable friction controlled which can be adjusted to suit the weight of the dome and its location.

Thermadome access hatches provide convenient, practical, safe access to roof spaces. There are two products within the range: dome rooflight access hatches and commercial access hatches. Both products are designed for flat roof applications and are available in a wide range of standard sizes for fast delivery – bespoke sizes are also available on request.



Dome Rooflight Access Hatch

The dome rooflight access hatch from Thermadome is designed to optimise natural light, whilst allowing easy, safe roof access. The product is available in seven standard sizes and is suitable for fitting directly to the roof deck.

Key access hatch features:

• White uPVC

• UV protected polycarbonate – clear or diffused

• White security fixings and lockable handle – provides a high level of resistance to forced entry

• Opens to 85°

• Manual opening – the lid is held up by telescopic roof struts when access is required

• Supplied with a 150mm insulated splayed PVC kerb

Thermal efficiency:

• Double skin dome – complete unit achieves a U-value of 2.38 W/m²K

• Triple skin dome – complete unit achieves a U-value of 1.93 W/m²K

Testing and compliance:

• Impact tested under BS EN 1873 – classification of SB 1200

• Complies with BS 476 and BS EN 13501-1 fire ratings


• 800mm x 800m

• 900mm x 900mm

• 900mm x 1200mm

• 1000mm x 1000mm

• 1000mm x 1300mm

• 1100mm x 1100mm

• 1200mm x 1200mm


Commercial access hatch

The commercial access hatch from Thermadome features a flat lid design with a solid insulated cover or polycarbonate glazing. It is available in 11 standard sizes, with ladderway and stairway units available. The length of the stairway unit opening provides headroom for use with stairways between 30° and 75°. Units are extremely robust and very thermally efficient, making them ideal for use in commercial environments.


Key commercial access hatch features:

• Clear or opal diffused polycarbonate available for enhanced daylighting

• Solid insulated covers available in mill finish aluminium/RAL colour coating

• Telescopic gas assisted struts for easy operation

• Supplied with a 300mm aluminium upstand (internal white polyester powder coated as standard)

• Locking or non-locking from the inside and outside

Thermal efficiency (units are insulated externally with PIR 60mm insulation):

Typical values W/m2K

• Polycarbonate multiwall 20mm 1.66

• Solid insulated cover 20mm 1.40

• Aluminium upstand 0.36

Testing and compliance:

• Fire rating to BS 476: part 3 AA

• Impact resistance - soft body 1200 Joules

• Impact resistance - soft body Class B

• Sound resistance 28dB

• Upward load 1500N

• Downward load 1000N

• Water tightness: Pass

• Air permeability: Pass


• 1000mm x 1000mm

• 1200mm x 1200mm

• 1200mm x 600mm

• 1400mm x 1400mm

• 750mm x 1500mm

• 750mm x 2500mm

• 750 mm x 3300mm

• 750mm x 750mm

• 900mm x 600mm

• 900mm x 750mm

• 900mm x 900mm

Access hatches are only suitable for rooflights no bigger than 1160mm (for square rooflights) and 860mm x 1460mm (for rectangular rooflights).

If you would like any assistance specifying an access hatch or if you have any questions, please get in touch. Contact our team on 01276 451555, email or send us a message.