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Thermadome Sun Tube Rooflight

Sun Tube Rooflights

Thermadome Sun Tube RooflightSuntubes provide an elegant solution to getting daylight from the roof into awkward spaces. The National Domelight Company stock a wide range of suntubes specifically designed to direct natural light into the smallest space. Essentially suntubes work by directing daylight at roof level through reflective internal tubing, into the space where it is diffused at ceiling level.

UK tests show that a 3m flexible suntube, on a 550mm diameter unit, can achieve anything up to 14 times the equivalent of a 100 watt bulb (1500 lux compared with 105 lux).

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The rigid suntube reflects up to 98% on its inner surface to provide up to 20 times more light than a 100w bulb (2200 lux compared with 105 lux).

Before Sun Tube Installation

After Sun Tube Installation

Before Sun Tube Installation After Sun Tube Installation

Applications and Limitations
As specific applications and external light conditions are beyond the control of the National Domelight Company we can make no guarantees on specific levels of transmitted light. However, for maximum daylight output, we recommend that the suntube is placed on a south facing roof slope, at the highest point, and away from any overshadowing buildings and trees. Rigid suntubes are best for longer tube lengths while flexible suntubes are more suitable for shorter runs and are easier to install. In addition suntubes should be installed to give the straightest run from roof to ceiling level.

The standard suntube kit accommodates:
• Rigid Tube System: up to 1.0m (0.7m for flat roof kits)
• Flexible Tube System: up to 3.0m

Rigid extension tubing is available in 625mm and 1250mm lengths and is suitable for extending both the Flexible and Rigid Tube Systems. Flexible extension tubing is also available.

Why Install a Thermadome Suntube?
• The compact units make suntubes perfect for bringing natural light into any area that is too small to install traditional rooflights, such as a dark hallway, corridor or toilet.
• They effectively act as natural spotlights and are ideal for providing task lighting
• Suntubes can be easily installed into new or existing roofs, with minimal disturbance to roof and ceiling, and fit most types of flat and pitched roof
• Suntubes are available with passive ventilation options which can help improve Building Regulation compliance.

Thermadome Sun Tube

If you would like assistance at any time about any of the rooflights or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.