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Thermalight Glass Rooflights

Thermalight Brochure

Thermalight glass rooflights are designed to provide high levels of natural daylight with excellent aesthetics, high insulation values and simple on-site installation. Advances in glass manufacturing techniques have led to the development of a number of glass products with different properties, many of which are available with a Thermalight rooflight: from active solar control, high impact resistance, to low maintenance glass.

All Thermalight units are double-glazed for improved heat insulation and energy conservation with the option to further increase the specification to triple glazing if required.

Solar Control Glass reduces solar heat gain whilst offering high levels of natural light. Tinted glazing options are also available in either blue, grey, bronze or green and are principally used to reduce the solar radiation that enters a building.


Thermalight Roof Lanterns allow you to flood your home extension or orangery with natural light whilst providing unrestricted sky views, creating a better and healthier living space.

Thermalight Lantern Rooflight

The Fixed Thermalight unit is specifically designed with no visible framework to ensure that the maximum amount of daylight floods into the space. The use of flush glazing external metalwork also means that the unit does not suffer from the ‘water-pooling’ effect experienced by some other products.

Thermalight Glass Rooflight

The Thermalight Walk-On rooflight is ideal for roof terraces where the space below needs access to natural light. The units have the same characteristics, and deliver the same high quality performance as the standard Thermalight rooflights.

Thermalight Walk On Glass Rooflight

Both manual and electric hinged rooflights are designed to provide ventilation to rooms whilst maintaining the highest level of security. They have flush glazing, minimal framework for optimal daylight.

Thermalight Electric Hinged Glass Rooflight

The Thermalight Sliding rooflight helps bring the outside in, for true unobstructed light and ventilation when the unit is in the open position.

Thermalight Sliding Glass Rooflight


If you would like assistance at any time about any of the rooflights or would like further details of our range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01276 451555, e-mail us at or use this e-mail form to contact us.