Rooflight Types

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Rooflight Types

Please remember that there are a lot of options available in terms of insulation, kerbs, opening systems, shapes and even the colour of your rooflight. If you can not find what you want on these pages please call the rooflight sales team who will source your requirements and explain your options.

The National Domelight company strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we offer support and telephone consultations for all of our customers whether your looking for a bespoke, manual hinged, access hatch or walk-on rooflight for your domestic or commercial building, you'll be sure to know that we can help you.

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Flat Rooflights

One of the most popular types of roogflight we offer is the flat rooflight. They offer several great benefits.

Introduce plenty of natural light

Can be made into virtually any size

Can be openable by either manual or electronic methods

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Roof Lanterns.

Rooflight Types

We supply a grat range of different types of rooflight. Some of more popular styles include the flat rooflight, fixed flat rooflight and pyramid roof lanterns. You can find out more about the various types of rooflight right here on our website.


Our featured glass rooflanterns are designed to provide an architectural focal point.

hinged rooflight

Our hinged rooflights allow you to open up the rooflight for increased ventilation.


Our fixed rooflights introduce lots of natural light to your room.


Electric Rooflights

Easy to operate

Electornic opening rooflights enable you to easily open and close your rooflight for better ventilation as and when you need it, without the need to use long winding poles or winding handles. These can also be automated to open when the temperature triggers it!

The UK’s Leading Supplier of Roof Lanterns.

Roof Lantern Types

Sliding Rooflights

Sliding rooflights can open up to allow in natural ventilation as well as natural light.


Suntubes are perfect to bring in natural light where the roof may not allow placement of a traditional rooflight.

Smoke Vents

Smoke vents make up part of a larger fire prevention and safety protocol which directs smoke out of a room in an emergency.

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Frequent Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If you need further information or wish to speak to a member of our team, please do get in touch!

  • All rooflights will require an element of cleaning as normal windows would. As a product that is fitted to the exterior of a property rooflights are susceptible to dirt debris and pollution build up which may affect the clarity of your glass skylight.  We are able to supply glass rooflights with an ‘easy-clean coating’ which can make the cleaning process easier. We would recommend thorough cleaning at least bi-annually using water and non-abrasive cleaners.  Full product specific maintenance information is available for each skylight we supply.

  • Dome rooflights are an inexpensive way to bring light into your home or commercial building.  Made from durable non-fragile polycarbonate which has an impact strength up to 250 times greater than glass.  Available as a top only to retrofit to an existing upstand or complete with a PVC kerb for fitting directly to the roof.  We have a vast array of stock sizes available with different ventilation options along with bespoke polycarbonate rooflights available on request.

  • Sun tubes or sun tunnels are great for allowing natural light into a previously dim room, especially in places where windows or rooflights are not possible due to lack of space.

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