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Glass Rooflights

Glass rooflights are a contemporary way to let light into your home whilst creating an airy open feel in your living area. We are able to manufacture glass rooflights to a huge number of sizes and requirements, as well as standard items from our Astroglaze, Brett Martin, Lunaglaze and Coxdome ranges. Simply contact us with your requirements and our experienced staff members will be happy to discuss your needs.

We can also supply rooflights with glass thick enough to walk on from our Astroglaze or Thermalight rooflight range. The Walk On rooflight system has been designed specifically for roof terraces and areas requiring regular pedestrian access.

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Why Choose Glass Rooflights

There are a few reasons glass has become more popular in recent years. The appearance of glass rooflights offers higher clarity than that of polycarbonate over its lifespan as well as being easy to clean bringing a modern feel to any room below. Glass can be manufactured to be more thermally efficient with argon filled cavities and specialist glass types. Noise reduction is a great feature compared to polycarbonate due to glass being a thicker and harder material creating less 'drumming' in heavy rain or hail. Different shapes and sizes are available in glass so just ask us for any help and advice for your bespoke or stock sized glass rooflight or skylight requirements.

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Frequent Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If you need further information or wish to speak to a member of our team, please do get in touch!

  • Glass rooflights on a flat roof should be a fitted to a minimum pitch of 3° to aid runoff and to stop water pooling on the unit.  Although the minimum pitch is 3° you may wish to consider a pitch of around 5° to ensure adequate runoff on larger skylights. The pitch of the unit rooflight is something that will affect your warranty so it is important to get this detail right when installing a new glass rooflight.  The minimum and maximum pitch required for rooflights differs between brands so please check individual products for more information.

  • All rooflights will require an element of cleaning as normal windows would. As a product that is fitted to the exterior of a property rooflights are susceptible to dirt debris and pollution build up which may affect the clarity of your glass skylight.  We are able to supply glass rooflights with an ‘easy-clean coating’ which can make the cleaning process easier. We would recommend thorough cleaning at least bi-annually using water and non-abrasive cleaners.  Full product specific maintenance information is available for each skylight we supply.

  • We can supply a wide variety of glass specs depending on your specific requirements.  Generally we supply double glazed laminated glass however if you need a different specification please talk to our team who will be able to advise which rooflight would best suit your design.  The majority of skylights we supply come with clear glass but other options are available on request.

  • Unless specifically quoted as a Walk On Specification rooflight then no a rooflight cannot be walked on.  A walk on rooflight is made up of a very thick glass spec (also known as class 0)so it is suitable for foot traffic, when asking for a quote for a walk on rooflight it is important to clarify if is a domestic or commercial building as this will affect the glass specification.

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